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Bantam 5v5 Checking League

2018 Openings


  • Players:  Full
  • Goalie Openings - Please email me for Registration link 
  • Coaches:  Full
  • Clock/Stats:  Full

This league is open to players that will be a 1st year or 2nd year Bantam.

2018 Dates

Spring Dates: April 25-May 20

Fall Dates: Aug 26-Sept 16

2018 5v5 Bantam Checking League: $300

Emphasis will be on progression of how to check and get checked including angles, pins, rub outs along the boards and open ice checks.  Designed for players who want to take the uneasiness out of checking and want to gain more checking confidence!

FEE:  $300 


  • 12 Sessions over two seasons (Spring & Fall)
  • 2 Practices that will incorporate checking techniques
  • 10 Full ice games 
  • Certified Officials
  • League standings and games scores will be kept
  • Games played at Shakopee Ice Arena: Games are Sunday and Wednesday evenings.
  • Eligibility –This league is open to players that will be a Bantam in the 2018-2019 season.

Spring Game Dates:  April 25-May 20

  • 1 Practice:   Training players checking techniques including angling, pinning and rub outs.  
  • 5 Full ice games allowing players to work on angling, pining and rub outs.   
  • No boarding or open-ice hits allowed.

Fall Game Dates: Aug. 26-Sept 16

  • 1 Practice to review checking techniques.  Train players on open-ice hits.
  • 5 games allowing players to implement angling, pinning and rub outs, and open-ice hits.
  • No boarding or checking from behind are allowed.